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Åke Ziedén
Producer, composer & guitar
Åke and Dembo met during the spring 2008 and they started to record the album Albuloo the same year. Åke has composed and produced most of the songs on the album. He is a guitarist with blues as his ground but has during the last years been inspired by reggae and African music.
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Merwé Merdini
Vocal / choir & percussion
Merwe grew up in Sweden, but with roots in Kurdistan in Northern Iraq.
She's been performing on stage since the age of 7. Soul music is closest to her heart, but she has a great love for reggae and all moving rhythms also. In the band she sings in Mandinka, English and Kurdish.
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Omar Joof
Omar came to Sweden in 1990. He learned to play percussion from early years and has played with the Gambian bands Kunta Kinte and Roots Manding together with Dembo. He has also collaborated with Swedish artists like Dr. Alban, Ale Möller & Ellika Solo.
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Henrik Antonsson
Dembo and Henrik started playing together before the album Albuloo was recorded. He is a swedish guy with passion for roots reggae. His lovely bass mixed with the African music gives the band a nice touch of traditional reggae.
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David Törnebäck
David is a pianist who gives the band a different feeling with a lovely mix of salsa and jazz influenced rhythms. He got to know Dembo through his father, who also used to play together with Dembo.
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Olof Johansson
Olof joined the band in 2010. He is true to reggae music and gives the group a nice vibe with his lovely rythms. His passion for drums makes everybody want to dance.

Jenna Nurmi
The manager of the band. She´s born in Sweden but has roots in Finland with a passion for reggae, dancehall and latin- and afrobeats. She has devoted many years of her life to dancing and since January 2012 she also is a DJ.