Dembo The Rootsman is a group based in Gothenburg fronted by vocalist and percussionist Dembo Jatta from The Gambia, backed-up by musicians and singers with roots in Sweden, West Africa and the Middle East. The music has a strong anchoring in the West African tradition. Traditional African songs are mixed with other musical expressions and styles from the Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, USA and Europe. Afropop with electric bass meets Swedish blues guitar and reggae drums in a new, exciting mix.

The songs are performed in Mandinka (Gambian language), English, and eventually also Swedish. The group's goal is to convey a true musical delight with a dance-friendly swing that attracts both young and old to dance and sing along. The important thing is not which ethnic or cultural background the members in the group have, but that the audience is invited to travel with the band into the mystical land of rhythms.

The group appears in such diverse contexts as cultural festivals, club gigs, club meetings, nursing homes, schools, and the Swedish TV channel TV4 (2012-01-23). Dembo The Rootsman is flexible towards the audience and the organizers' wishes. And depending on circumstances and preferences, the group includes, besides Dembo himself, two to seven musicians and vocal singers.

Dembo The Rootsman has released an official album, Albuloo (2010) and the second album is on it's way.